20 Jahre Jubiläum




25 years BTI


Ralf Wiesspeiner
15.01.1979 - 28.08.2013


New CCS Controller CCS9620SL-F


BTI Team beim S-CUP 2011


CCS Controller Serie 5000


  Ralf Wiesspeiner  Ulrike Aldrian  


Award Robocup


Battery Monitoring 


Jürgen Wiesspeiner
10.12.1980 - 07.07.2005


BTI at the Design&Elektronik Entwicklerforum 2005 


CCS Lade-Tankstelle bei Modellbau Mader-Magnet-Truck


Congratulations Robocup
BTI is a sponsor of the Robocup-Team Mostly Harmless of the Technical University Graz

NEW CCS Charge Controller CCS96205
New CCS Chip with 20 min charge inhibit after battery full detection

Army converts to CCS
Army found CCS more reliable than existing charges

Arnie loves CCS
How to save time & money


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