1989 BTI was founded by Dr. Wiesspeiner to commercialize his new invention:
The CCS Battery Charging System            


With CCS, BTI was the first company that succeeded with fast charging of NiCd batteries!


Since then, CCS has found its way into many products and numerous customers were satisfied by this comfortable fast and reliable charging technology.


In the beginning the CCS charge controllers were developped for NiCd batteries. But the past years have shown, that with the CCS charging technology a fundamental new shut off criteria was found, as almost all other battery chemistries (lead, lead acid, NiMH, RAM, Li-Ion, etc) could be charged by CCS without additional settings!

1989 BTI started with the first CCS charge controller. 25 years later, BTI can offer more than 10 CCS charge controllers with different features besides the CCS basic shut off criteria.


BTI is patented worldwide and offers its charge controllers worldwide. 




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