CCS Charge Module for Simoco SRP8000

This CCS Charge Module is designed for the dual way portable radio Simoco SRP8000. The original print can be replaced by the CCS9620-SIM without additional adjustments!


   Technical Data:

   Power supply:               16VDC
   Battery                           2 x  6 NiMH (NiCd)
   Number of cells:           2 x  6
   Battery voltage:            7,2 V
   Capacity                       1.600 mAh   (500-3.000 mAh)  
   Charge current:            1.000 mA
   Status indicator:           optical-2 LED
   Print:                              130 x 88 mm, double layer, silk screen
   Charge controller:        2 x CCS9620LT  

The Charge Module CCS9620-SIM can charge NiCd/NiMH batteries with different capicities within the limits, 500mAh up to 3.000mAh, without any additional adjustments!

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