CCSEB Evaluation Board

UNIVERSAL-CCS-Charger-Module for NiCd- and  NiMH- Batteries

 The CCSEB Evaluation Board can be assembled for any batterypack. For universal application (different batterypacks) it is possible to change the battery-voltage (number of cells) and the charge current with selection switches.

Datasheets and descriptions how to adapt to a certain battery-pack and how to proceed are included.

For a quickstart, parts for the most common applications are included as well (1 to 10 cells, charge current from 100mA to 2A)

   Technical Data:

   Power supply:               Rectified line, 100/120 Hz

   Number of cells:           1-10 (or higher, variable)

   Charge current:            100mA, 500mA, 1A, 2A (or other, variable)

   Status indicator:           optical-2 LED, audible-Buzzer (4kHz, 70dB)

   Print:                              85x75mm, double layer, silk screen

   1 Charge controller:     CCS9310B2 or CCS9505FK or CCS9606 or  CCS9620  

Not included: Power source (transformer and rectifier), selection switch

Please choose the preferred CCS charge controller at purchase!

Alarmsystems, Cellular Phones, Computer, Electric Vehicles, HiFi, Home Appliances, Hobby, Instruments, Lamps, Medical Electronics, Pager, Portables, Radio, Solar Systems, Telephone, Tools, Video, UPS, etc.  

The CCSEB Evaluation Board is also available in the kit version CCSB2 !


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Download Kurzfassung in deutsch


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